Cyr wheel

The Cyr wheel is my biggest love. 40 pounds of stainless steel bent into the shape of a perfect circle is my nonchalant dance partner. But anyone who flirts with this circular elemental being with no respect to the laws of physics will soon realize that it'll transform from a gentle dancer into a monster who not only crushes shoes, feet and souls but also smashes your face in. Ignorantia non est argumentum. Once seen and experienced, your addiction to the cyr wheel will be instantaneous.


Alternative names for this discipline - roue cyr, simple wheel, big hula hoop

brno 3.jpg
Fire dancing

Torches, burning rods, skipping ropes, rope darts, dragon staff and other objects are all part of Shashik's fiery repertoire. They've never caused a fire anywhere else than in the hearts of the audience.




An object made out of shiny metal with each side being 120 cm long. Manipulating this cube multi-directionally creates visual hallucinations and mirages that will leave the spectators staring in openmouthed wonder. The artist and the cube spin around in a whirlwind of prismatic

lights and whirlwind of different colors.

To achieve the best effect, stage lights or theater lights are recommended.

Absurd juggling

Shashik is known for making fun of serious things, for example – the master circus discipline of juggling. Many juggling masters and artists have already ended their careers in the confines of local madhouses … But not Shashik! He throws 3, 4 or 5 objects suddenly into the air at a murderous pace, using objects that are either hardly suitable to the task, or not even inappropriate to be seen in public.

Juggling Workshops

Occasionally, the idea pops up in your head – I have to learn to juggle immediately or I'll throw myself out of a window. For these cases, it is good to have a man who has been trying to discover the holy grail of juggling and the shortest way to get to it. Shashik guarantees that if a humanoid who has at least one hand and half a brain does not learn to juggle with three balls in the space of ten minutes, then he

will publicly drink one whole beer.