“Shashik is the hardest.
As an artist, I mean!”
anonymous girl from a festival

Cooperated with 

Continuo Theatre

Teatr Novogo Fronta

Cirque Garuda

V.O.S.A. Theatre

EXPO 2010 Shanghai

EXPO 2015 Milano

Amanitas fire theatre

Losers Cirque Company

Letní Letná (opening ceremony, 3 years running)

Art Prom

Středověká krčma u krále Brabantského


and hundreds of performances at celebrations, parties, balls and weddings, all in various costumes and roles

Movie Credits


Van Helsing


clip  Kayne West

Čertí Brko

This copy of the “Vecerni Praha” clearly demonstrates that Shashik has been harassing citizens with his skills at least since October 12, 2002: