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Stage / Performance Area Requirements



Cyr wheel

The surface must be smooth, flat, dry, hard, and clean, with an area of at least 6x6m – that is without loudspeakers, lights, cables, flower pots or strollers. Dance floor is ideal, but wooden flooring, vinyl flooring, smooth tiles without protruding edges or smooth concrete surfaces are also acceptable. If the floor is wooden, it is necessary to know if the surface is treated with wax. If so, cyr wheel performance is not possible without covering the surface with dance floor or PVC floor. Ceiling height must be at least 3m.






Fire show

Outdoor or indoor area, minimum of 2x5 meters. The surface must be dry, clean and non-slippery. If the show is to be performed inside, it is necessary to ensure good airflow and ventilation (high ceilings, good air-conditioning) to let out the exhausts from the flames. The fire extinguisher and fire supervision are to be provided by the organizer.


High Unicycle

The performance area can be either outdoors or indoors, but a smooth surface is required either way. When it comes to riding a unicycle, a ceiling height of 3.5 meters is sufficient, in the case of juggling, the minimum ceiling height is least 5 meters.



Juggling workshop

The performance area can be either outdoors or indoors, but a smooth, dry surface is required either way. Depending on the amount of participants, it is necessary to provide a sufficiently airy and spacious room or area, where everyone will feel comfortable and safe. The minimum ceiling height must be at least 3 meters.

General requirements

Shashik Uashik's performances are absolutely safe for everyone involved, including the organizers.

They don't have to deal with any other worries and can concentrate on enjoying a a great performance.


Check out the area and technology requirements in the Technical Rider

download technical rider pdf
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